Who is Livin' Like a Local?

We are a locally registered company of Salvadorans who believe in El Salvador's potential.

It is not enough to see this beautiful country's transformation: Come be a part of it! El Salvador has many opportunities for uplifting and supporting the environment, communities, businesses, and future of this evolving country and people. After a long history of foreigners coming only to take from the people and land, Livin’ Like a Local seeks to create a new story: foreigners coming to give more than take, leaving El Salvador better than when they arrived.

Why El Salvador?

El Salvador is the one country that is moving towards more freedom and less government. Its aim is to empower its citizens through providing education, tools, and security. People are flocking to this undiscovered paradise of surf, sustainability, and progress. El Salvador is quickly becoming a haven for companies and families with these priorities.


Weather ranges between 65 – 95 °F/30 - 35°C (outside of the mountains) year-round. Though El Salvador is vulnerable to river-flooding during hurricane season, the tropical climate means no cold, windy, or dry weather.


El Salvador boasts some of the safest coastline left in Central America. With perfect waves for surfing and miles of non-commercialized beaches, El Salvador is perfect for those who crave a peaceful beach lifestyle.


With over 100 volcanos in this small country, visitors and residents alike find no lack of hiking or adventure. For Bitcoin believers, Bitcoin mining in El Salvador should begin within the next 5 years.


Because of the year-round growing seasons, flora grows quickly and abundantly. Produce is affordable and plentiful, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and a smaller carbon footprint.


BEACH CENTRAL SV LIVIN LIKE A LOCAL - Costa del Sol, La Libertad, El Tunco, El Zonte, San Blas, Mizata, San Diego, El Pimental, etc.

CITY CENTRAL SV LIVIN LIKE A LOCAL - San Salvador, La Escalon, Santa Elena, San Benito, Antiguo Cuscatlan, Suchitoto (Colonial Village).

CENTRAL MOUNTAIN VALLEY SV LIVIN LIKE A LOCAL - Chalatenango (San Ignacio, La Palma), Cordillera El Balsamo (Comasagua, Tamanique, Chiltiupan, Teotepeque, Nuevo Cuscatlan, Zaragoza, Huizucar, San Jose Villanueva).

WESTERN SV LIVIN LIKE A LOCAL - Ahuachapan, Sonsonate - Ruta de Las Flores (Ataco, Apaneca, Juayua), Santa Ana, Coatepeque Lake, Barra de Santiago, Costa Azul, Los Cóbanos.

EASTERN SV LIVIN LIKE A LOCAL - San Miguel (El Cuco Beach, Playa Las Flores), Usulutan (Berlin, Santiago de Maria, Mercedes Umaña), La Union (Bitcoin city/under construction, Conchagua, El Jaguey, Tamarindo, Morazan (Perquin, Arambala, Sesembra, etc).