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We are Livin' Like a Local, your local Salvadoran friends here to show you our beautiful country. Be careful! You’ll come to visit and then choose to stay. But no worries, we’ll help you live like a local too, so you can truly call El Salvador home. Our focus is helping you authentically integrate into this new country and culture for your family's most joyful transition.

*Obtaining your residency depends on the Immigration Office final study.

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I Want to Visit and Am Considering Moving to El Salvador.

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I Want to Receive Medical Care in El Salvador.

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I Want Help with Legal Documents for El Salvador.

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Looking for the freedom to live life on your schedule, terms, and dreams?

Choose El Salvador.

For years El Salvador suffered like most Latin American countries under the hands of greed, war, and organized crime. But now, this paradise stands as a beacon and leader for other countries to follow. It is quickly becoming one of the safest countries in the Western Hemisphere. The economy is growing while surrounding countries stagnate under continual corruption and polarizing conflict. El Salvador is the emergent leader in Latin America and developing countries for its people, principles, and leadership. This country could be the best new home for you. We at Livin' Like a Local will show you this land of sleepy volcanos, gorgeous surf, pupusas, and where the freedom to roam, control your money, and live your best life are the new normal!

Residency Services

Full Hosting services

We provide the Full service hosting for your new home here in El Salvador. This package includes helping you find your new home and social community; teaching you Salvadoran culture; showing you the best shopping venues to find your favorite products, places to workout, explore, or play; arranging all the home services you need; guiding you through choosing the right schools for your children; helping with your driver's license processing; and of course assisting you with your application for the immigration process.

Digital Nomad/Independent Worker

If you work online or your income is coming from anywhere else in the world, this type of immigration is your best option!

Residency by Investment

If you want to move your company here or start a new one, we can guide you through that process here.

El Salvador Immigration Information

If what you need is to talk to us because you still do not fully understand which immigration category may apply, we can advise you in the best way with a video call.


Maegan - USA

Thank you so much Livin' Like a Local, you helped so much, took less than two months become a temporary resident. Thanks for all the support and the experience was great with you guys!

Devon - USA

As a worldtraveler and cryptoboss, I loved being hosted by Livin' like a Local. In El Salvador, I surfed, hiked, and enjoyed the nightlife. They took care of my visa extension for me, so I able to work instead. They also took me to the ruins. You should check them out!

Patrick & Silvana - CAN

We are happy to have our resident card, You helped us a lot. The process has been great and we are happy with our choice. And thank you for all the contacts and other help provided upon our arrival in El Salvador.


Is El Salvador safe?  

Yes, it is currently the safest country in Latin America, and quickly becoming the safest country in the Americas. Any foreigner who visits can feel safe to explore and fall in love with the freedom that the country offers.

2) Do I need a visa to go to El Salvador?  

Only if your country is listed as a G-1, 2 level country. If you aren't sure what list your country is on, you can ask us.

What languages are spoken in El Salvador?

Primarily Spanish, but English is on the rise. We have a Spanish teacher at your disposal to make it easier for you to communicate with the locals.

What currency can be used in El Salvador?

US dollar and Bitcoin are accepted. We know that banks are a headache, but we can suggest which ATM is more appropriate. Many government institutions accept bitcoin, and the circulation of bitcoin is encouraged in other places in El Salvador.

Can I use public transportation?

Yes, bus schedules and routes can be found online. The cost of the bus within the city can cost from $0.20 to $0.50. If you need to travel to another department of the country, the buses will not cost more than $6.00 for the longest travel distance. There is also a taxi service available, the Uber platform and an Uber alternative called InDrive.

What is the cost of living?

Depending on the lifestyle, budget costs range from $1000 to $4000 per month. The cost of living also varies depending on your personal tastes. If you want the same amenities that you had in your country of origin, know that they may have an extra cost here. If you decide to live a more relaxed lifestyle without material stress, you will have better connection with society and with your neighbors. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND BRINGING YOUR HOUSEHOLDS ITEMS due to high import taxes. Most things can be found in the country unless they are especially made for you.

How is the food in El Salvador?

Delicious and particularly friendly for gluten or dairy-free diets. Pupusas are everywhere and you can find them with many ingredients. In supermarkets you can find many exported products. "Mercados" in downtown areas are often far cheaper than big supermarkets, with produce grown locally and picked when ripe.

What is El Salvador’s weather like?

Depending on location, El Salvador's weather is typically between 68 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, or 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. The beach has a tropical climate with warm waters all year round. Its valleys have a tropical climate, and its mountainous area also has a very pleasant climate.

What words do I need to know before arriving in El Salvador?

Basic Spanish is helpful to ask for a baño (bathroom) or to buy comida (food). We can give you the option of learning with an excellent online Spanish teacher. El Salvador is increasingly teaching English in schools and including English signs, but the national language is Spanish.

Can I buy properties in El Salvador if I'm not an El Salvadoran citizen?

Yes. Request a call with us and we will tell you more about the process. We also offer advising and other services that will help ensure everything is in order for you.

What can I do in El Salvador?

El Salvador provides a variety of activities and opportunities. You can have breakfast in front of a great volcano before taking a good walk through a mercado, then go down to the city and have lunch in a top restaurant. In the afternoon you can surf on the beaches, then end at night watching the sun go down on the Pacific Ocean.